Saturday, August 19, 2006


Art in the Square POSTPONED
until Saturday, Aug. 26

Due to crappy weather, we decided to postpone the art festival in Highland Square until Saturday, Aug. 26.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Pardon Our Dust

In the previous post, Redhorse promised to take some pics of the demolition in Highland Square at Art in the Square this weekend. As it happens, I found myself in the Square with the digital yesterday and took some pics which I will now share.

This is what's left of Starkle Markle, taken from the sidewalk along West Market. Soon after I took this, a waste oil salvage truck pulled up to empty that big steel tank.
For Summit County Kerry campaign veterans, here's the last of the HQ. For some reason, the labyrinthine steps down to the basement restroom have always stuck in my mind, so it's fitting I now have a photographic memento.

This pile of re-bar is the last of West Hill Library. When I told Prof. W about the demolition, she said that she had been at Angel Falls yesterday morning and the library was still standing. Fast work. Not Trecaso-tears-down-Rivlins fast, but still fast.

Part of the plan is closing the end of Highland Avenue. Here's what that looks like now. The New Urbanists who decry the plan are particularly worried about this part of it. They say it will isolate the business part of the Square from the residential neighborhood, so this is particularly worth watching. I've driven around the Square a few times and the only problem has been me remembering that the damn thing is closed so I head up Casterton instead.

Just a reminder why I love the Square so. Someone has found a cause. A good one, as it happens, but still, only in Highland Square would anyone bother. I wonder if anyone has literally hugged that oak yet.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Proof Things Are Being Built in Akron

Well, at least the art museum addition, anyway. Photo was snapped this morning, looking west down Market Street from near the intersection of Summit & Market. All in all, progress continues to look steady and interesting.

The portion of the new construction that rests upon the old building, viewed here jutted out from the right side of the roof, clearly covers the right lane of eastbound traffic on Market.

Also, Highland Square is missing a few buildings. In the past few weeks, both the old library and the Sparkle Market building have been razed. Ooohhh, pictures of that destruction this weekend when the family and I attend the "Art in the Square" shindig. Speaking of, hope to see all of you there (corner of Portage and W. Market...probably around noonish?).

Monday, August 07, 2006


Do you have a favorite short story?

If so, stop by and vote for your fave at the wordcage, o dear Akron folks!

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