Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Akron's Dirty Book Industry

Here in Akron we hear a lot about the forward-looking emergent high-tech industries that hopefully are replacing our old industrial base. Oddly, I'm also hearing about publishing. I've heard of a couple of high lit and specialty imprints in the area and plan on running the information down.

In the meantime, I found Ellora's Cave, an Akron publisher of "Romantica" or "Erotic romance." Or bodice-rippers with a Penthouse Forum level of frankness.

Here's how Ellora's Cave describes their product:
I discovered this perusing my Technorati watchlist for Akron, Ohio. I discovered the blog of Ellora's Cave author and native Ohioan Tawny Taylor. She was here in Akron last weekend, for a visit with EC headquarters and a signing at the Chapel Hill Borders.

Final note. Fans of Romantica will no doubt object to the title of the post. Fans of the old Spy Magazine may recognize the homage.


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