Thursday, July 27, 2006


Cuy. Falls Going Wireless

Eventually, anyway. The ABJ reported earlier this week of a joint effort b/n the CF school district and the city itself to purchase and install 15 miles of fiber optic cable with the intent of deploying a citywide wireless network.

Akron announced a pilot plan last December to begin in Ellet and East Akron. The plan calls for eventually covering all 62 square miles of the city.

Akron also plans to dismantle part of the Innerbelt (finally!) and build a biomedical research corridor linking Akron General and Akron City hospitals. It's a long term plan (yea, governmental foresight!), but probably worth the investment.

At the risk of sounding hokey, such planning makes me glad to live where I do, and given the success of the downtown revitalization, I'm willing to give nearly any development idea this administration has the benefit of the doubt. And this idea, if it bears fruit, will have a long lasting impact in terms of local jobs and economic development.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Restaurant Review: Arnie’s Steakhouse, Ravenna OH

Arnie’s, as the photo attests, is one of those little roadside places that nine times out of ten, you just zip past without even thinking about. And, in this case, that’s precisely where you would be making your bloomer.

It’s a pretty small place – small bar, and limited seating. Décor can only be described as outdated to past the point of cheesiness. Due to the small size, too many tables have been crammed into the joint. The menu is focused on mostly steak & grilled seafood items, but there’s more variety on the menu that you would expect. Price points range from $10 to a high of around $25 per entrée. I’d guess that the average is in the $16-$18 range.

The food, on the other hand, was very, very good, with minor exceptions noted below. Mrs. Boring had the French Onion soup, which she described as excellent, with a spicy twist that made it stand out from the run-of-the-mill onion soup that’s so common. I started with a salad, which well exceeded the wedge of turning brown iceberg lettuce that seems to be standard in most restaurants. Good stuff, and the made on premises blu cheese dressing was good.

Unfortunately, at this point, Mrs. Boring & I made the reviewer’s faux paux. Both of us ordered the prime rib. That’s a mistake, because a) prime rib is easy, and b) we should have picked different entrees in order to provide a wider test of the menu. However, the beef was very good. Mrs. Boring ordered the side of sliced sweet potatoes, which as good.

Our dining companions for the evening, who I’ll call ‘Chuck’ and ‘Donna’, even though that’s their real names, had the NY Strip, and Broiled Scrod, respectively. The strip came out closer to well done than the ordered medium, so I’d be careful about this when we go back. The scrod was reported as very good.

Both ‘Chuck’ & I had sides of home fries, which were a trifle on the salty side. All were too stuffed for dessert (again, a poor reviewer’s strategy).

Service was very good.

Verdict: I’d definitely go again. We arrived early, so there was no wait, but by the time we left, there was a significant line forming.

On Ohio Rt 14 south of Ravenna, close to West Branch. If you are going on I-76, take the Rt 14 exit north.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Join Us in *HUDSON for Ted Strickland

Please note this event has changed!!!

What: Rally for the next Governor of the State of Ohio Ted Strickland
When: Sunday July 16 @ 1:15 - event starts at 2:00
Where: Hudson Springs Park - 7095 Stow Road, Hudson Ohio - Directions
Strickland HudsonWhy: Because you love politics
Who: Bob, Terra, and Kyle from The Chief Source will be there eating ice cream and cheering. Also in attendance will be Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, Congressman Tim Ryan, and Candidate for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.
Join us!!!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Reminder: Bloggapalooza

Today is July 5th, and on my calendar it says: Bloggapalooza reminders.

So I'll knock GABB's reminder now:

Bloggapalooza info page at BFD

Since I first posted on this topic, the band lineup has been solidified. Ten bands will perform, some outside and others inside the Town Fryer, from 2-10 pm. The card runs the gamut from Americana to hip-hop to plain old-fashion stadium rock. Akron's favorite collection of musical PhD's, The House Popes, takes the outdoor stage 3.30.

By all accounts, the food at the Town Fryer is silly good.

Beyond the music and food, come along to meet other bloggers, blog readers, and the most unknown of commodities, the commenter. Among the previous interviewees, at least one statewide candidate responded to the first invites with a soft yes and others have promised to bring it up at scheduling meetings. So that's a nifty flair too. (When I receive permission, I'll publish that name.)

As before, if you have questions, please use the address on this page to contact me.

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